There have been numerous requests to buy this book in printed form. Finally, thanks to “Ahava” (one of my readers who provided the formatted book ready for print), the book is available to buy as a regular, printed 6″ x 9″ book (392 pages).

The cost is $14.05, plus shipping and handling and tax. $14.05 is the actual printing cost by The Book Patch.

(When I bought a copy, I paid $2.14 in “handling” and $4.72 in USPS shipping – all of which went to The Book Patch.)

I receive no money from the sale of this printed version. There is no profit in that $14.05.

Frankly, it would be cheaper to take the “Print Version” to a copy place, which would cost about $9.40 (plus tax) at $.05 per page. But then you are left with a bunch of loose papers and probably would spend more money on a notebook to put them in, etc. But then you’re not paying shipping, etc.

By the way, don’t pay $1 to The Book Patch for an Ebook – you can get one here for FREE.

So it’s up to you. The printed, perfect-bound book is now available, if you want it. Buy Now style 2 button