You are invited to leave a comment on this Guestbook. But let’s be clear about what this Guestbook is for….

It is intended to be a place where someone who has read the book and watched the videos, and who is testing this Model in their own lives, can leave a comment about how well – or how poorly – the Model is working for them. It is also a place where someone can ask a question about the Model if they didn’t understand something they read or saw in the book or videos. (Click here for a “Brief Explanation of The Model.”)

It is NOT a place for someone to leave a comment – “good” or “bad” – about me personally, or to threaten me, or to disagree with the model on a theoretical basis without having tested it in their own lives, or to expound upon their own theories and beliefs.

Basically, this Guestbook is for people who have done enough work with the Model (and The Process and Spiritual Autolysis) to let go of some layers of ego and leave a clean comment. It is NOT a place for someone’s ego to run wild because it feels threatened – which is what happened to the last Guestbook I offered on this webpage.

That’s why I will have to approve all comments before they are posted on this website. Under normal circumstances I will do that within 48 hours of submission.

If all that is understood, please feel free to leave your comment here.